Friday, January 28, 2011

Who We Are!

Thank you so much for stopping by With Love From The Heart Crafts!

My name is Joanna Noel!
If you want to now a little more about me you can visit my personal blog:

With Love From The Heart started with my loving to do photography and went from there! I love working with my hands and a year ago ran across Etsy! I feel in love! I just resently opend an Etsy Shop!
You can find me HERE!
I dont have allot up yet, this buisness is still in its starting stages but I have to start some were!

Below are a few thing that I have listed in the store at this time!

This Vintage bowl is made from a record! They come with many diffrent insides!
This bowl is the large size record.
Can be used as regular decor, holds jewelry well, and can be used to put decorative balls or flower arrangments in.

This solid wooden Tea Tray is great for your tea or just for decoration!

Made with a clippings from magazines this Tea Tray encourages bold beauty!

4x6 Blank Photo Greeting Cards!

These cards are made with card stock and REAL photos!

Each card comes with its own envelope!

And this one below is not in the shop just yet, but it will be shortly!

8X10 photo!

That gives you some what of a start! Like I said, are Etsy Store and this blog are still a work in progress but its a start!

Joanna Noel